I posted this picture on @designdingo a few weeks ago and I got a truck load of comments! I didn’t buy them at the time as they were $355 and not in my budget for that month (don’t believe IG, we all have budgets). Anywho, I’m now reconsidering as they’re up to 60% off!! They are so beautiful and the fabric floats like nothing else… I’ve linked some retailers with sales on below. You might have to click a few of the links to get your size.



I haven’t read anything official on this, but I’ve noticed high street bloggers donning shell jewelry off every body part lately - lobes, necks, wrists and ankles. And not just any shell, but specifically the puka variety. I’m talking Elle Ferguson with her stacked bracelets, Danielle Bernstein with her pendants and Nicole Ballardini with layered chokers. Above, I’ve paired two bracelets together to subtly bring the trend into the workplace. Both were bought at the markets in Colombia but I’ve linked some very cool pieces below:

90s BAG


Say hello to the 90s bag because it’s back! Think Kate Moss in her early days and that’s pretty much all the inspiration you need! Small beaded bags, slung from the wrists have been on Alexa Chung, Bella Hadid and Camille Charriere. I bought this one in Colombia from a local mumma who was hand beading it at the markets. Below are my pics on what you can use to carry your little things.



Recently, whenever I walk into Uniqlo, I turn left to the men’s department rather than my usual swivel to the right.

Whilst on summer holidays last year, I was always snatching my bf’s linen shirt to wear to/from the beach. After a number of squabbles over who got to wear what, I decided to buy my own. I purchased this pink number from Uniqlo in an XL so it keeps the sun off all my important parts - neck, chest, shoulders, arms. I also think it looks effortlessly cool enough to wear into a beach club for some people watching and daiquiris.

Then, I got the tip from Mary Orton of to wear Uniqlo’s men’s non-iron shirts. I decided to give it a go and LOVE it for myself. The boxy shape gives a relaxed feel and makes it extra comfortable for everyday wear. Most importantly, it’s a breeze to launder! I simply put it in the washing machine and hang it up. Voila, it’s good to go! In the image above, I’m wearing an XS Slim Fit.

Both items are under $30 so they’re reasonable, versatile and oh so practical.



I’ve been OBSESSED with the Versace runway show from SS19 Milan Fashion Week. This outfit inparticular had me drooling, and then I thought… hang on…. I could do this?

Here’s how I did it:

1) Put on a slip dress. Anything you’ve got. This one is a navy, velvet number from Intermix 2) Pull up some sheer black tights 3) Cinch it with a gold buckle, black belt (or any belt you have). I then dangled a gold ring from a gold necklace (both H&M) to finish it off 3) Part hair in the middle, straighten it and put a gold hair clip on each side. I didn’t have this so I just used bobby pins 4) Black platform shoes. Again, I didn’t have this so I put on my Chloe lace up heels with gold details 5) Carry a black bag with gold hardware. Mine is Moschino. 6) Natural make up… Voila!

Best of all, this look was created using everything I already had in my wardrobe! I encourage you to do the same. Otherwise, I’ve selected my top picks to shop below.